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Rifle Bullets

Currently in development. as of 1/16/2018


A quick overview of this new project.
I would like to create an application for phones that would be able to estimate the range of a precision shooter's or hunter's target. The user will be able to input either the estimated or known height of the target in inches or centimeters, and also the height of the target in the users optic in M.O.A. or Milliradians. With this information the application will be able to calculate the estimated range of the target.
This application, along with many other features to it, is currently in development.
If you would like to see this project be completed sooner than my other personal projects please contact me and let me know. Knowing that someone else would like to see this app idea come to life gives me more purpose and motivation to finish it.

Target Range Estimation Application: Projects

Update: 11/16/2019 - This project is now being put on the back burner due to priorities in my current life. I have made several iterations on the app in xcode for iphone applications. I have successfully used this app effectively several times at the range. However, I have not published this app on the app store. I still need to code an app for android phones.

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